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TAG – Tuesday Arts Group


​Due to the success of Bundy High’s TAG (Tuesday Arts Group) we will be running it again in 2017. This year TAG will be open to all Art and Film Television and New Media (FTV) students from Year 7 through to Year 12, every Tuesday afternoon, starting on the 21/2 from 2:35 to 4:00pm.

The art rooms and media room will be open for use by current ART and FTV students for curriculum related artworks, art homework and written assessment as well as FTV assessment. Bundy High’s Art and FTV teachers, Mrs. Sinclair-Dunn (Art), Mrs. Henry(Art), Ms. Jones(Art/FTV) and Mr Duxbury(FTV) will be present to supervise students and assist with student’s artistic endeavours.

This is an excellent opportunity for both Art and FTV students to make use of both Art and FTV facilities and equipment for an extended time greater than their regular class time but also to get individual, personalized assistance from teachers. Students attending will be across all year levels so they will be exposed to art and media of many different types and styles and to like-minded students, with the aim of broadening their horizons and experiences.
Due to the nature of Art and FTV, students - especially senior students, are often unable to complete artworks entirely during class time and it is a school and Arts Department expectation that either homework and/or assessment be completed in student’s own time. Many students (especially bus students) sometimes find it difficult to take art assessment items home with them for various reasons. Thus TAG has been created to accommodate these students and any student who would like to spend that little bit of extra time on their Art and FTV curriculum.
TAG will be restricted to existing Art and FTV students who will be working on current curriculum items with the knowledge that regular school rules apply. They will also be expected to sign in at the Art and FTV rooms however it would be up to individual students to ensure parents/guardians know where they are during this time and when and how they will be getting home.
Students will however be encouraged to make the afternoon enjoyable so they will be welcome to listen to music and eat their afternoon tea whist they get creative.