Work experience program

​Bundaberg State High School offers a work experience program which provides a formal arrangement whereby students participate in activities at a place of paid or voluntary work.

Students currently participate in Work Experience in the follow contexts:
• Year 10 Work Experience Program
• Years 10-12 Special Education Program (SEP)
• Ignite transition to work program
• Students from years 10-12, who wish to participate in Work Experience outside of curriculum or programs.

Work experience is the short term placement of students with businesses and organisations to provide insights into the industry and the workplace in which they are located, and is unpaid. Whilst undertaking work experience, students will observe different aspects of work within their chosen industry and may assist with tasks allocated by their supervisor, but should not undertake activities which require extensive training or expertise.

Students must be at least 14 years old and participation should not disadvantage students with regards to the rest of their education program at school. Participation in work experience can be on selected days or half days over a specified period of time, or each day of the week for a specified period.

Students can be placed on work experience up to a maximum of 30 days in a calendar year, however it is recommended that a student should not stay with the one placement provider for more than one semester.

The Principal, in consultation with the parent/carer and student, may approve work experience of more than 30 days for a student with disability.

The insurance cover for Work Experience students has certain restrictions and activities precluded from cover, and these activities may not be undertaken during Work Experience. The insurance policies cover students undertaking Work Experience placements in Queensland.

1.       Source Work Experience Placement 

The student:
Completes Orientation to Work Experience on the school website

Prints the last page of the Orientation to Work Experience and completes the Declaration

Completes Workplace Health and Safety Short course ​requirements
Accesses the following documents from the relevant Program Co-ordinator or Pathways Officer
·         Application form
·         Introduction letter to parents and students
·         Provider Introduction letter (to give to the Provider)
Returns the Application form, Orientation to Work Experience Declaration, Workplace Health and Safety Short Course Certificate and COVID-19 certificate to the relevant Program Co-ordinator or Pathways Officer (as instructed)

A risk assessment is conducted by the school on all Work Experience Applications.

2.       Agreement

The student is given a Work Experience Pack:
·         Work Experience Agreement - obtain signatures confirming agreement of each party's responsibilities. This document requires the signatures of the student, parent and the work experience provider
·         Confirmation Letter & Induction Checklist – give to the Provider
·         Student Evidence Handbook - complete during placement
The student returns the fully signed Agreement to the relevant Program Co-ordinator or Pathways Officer (as instructed)

Principal endorsed Agreements are emailed to employers, parents and students.  No placements can proceed without receipt of the endorsed agreement by all parties.

3.        Preparing for Placement
Between 1-2 weeks prior to placement, the student contacts the Work Experience provider by phone to reconfirm details of the placement, start date and to check the provider has received a copy of the Work Experience Agreement.
4.       During Placement

The student:
Undertakes a workplace induction with their nominated supervisor on the first day
Completes the Student Evidence Handbook
Follows school and provider's expectations
Contacts the employer if they cannot attend work experience (parents to notify the school)

The employer:
Email a copy of the completed Induction checklist to
Notify the school of any unexplained absences by the student


Last reviewed 18 October 2022
Last updated 18 October 2022